About Us

Hello my name is Sarah. I have owned dogs since as far back as I can remember. I created Waggaroo in 2015. I spent the previous 9 years working for South Wales Police, but decided life was too short to do a job that I didn’t enjoy. So I bit the bullet and created Waggaroo.

I love being with dogs and watching their different behaviours and how they interact with each other. I enjoy being outside in the glorious sunshine (when we get it) but also in the pouring rain, wind, sleet and snow. I like being able to care for your dog’s the way I would want someone to care for mine. I currently have 5 of my own dogs and have previously rescued dogs that needed help with socialisation and a normal family life.

My passion is the Labrador breed. I have taken up the hobby of showing, travelling all over the country. I have been lucky enough to qualify for Crufts with my yellow Labrador, Seren, for the past two years. I am also a Labrador breeder. I breed ensuring that I can produce puppies that will have the best start in life. I health test all my bitches to try to eliminate debilitating illnesses that are currently in the Labrador breed. My litters are raised in the home environment and fully socialised with children and have lots of different experiences before leaving the home. I only breed when I want another pup to add to my gang.

I have taken up a position as an assistant trainer at local training classes. I go to seminars regarding different behavioural issues that many owners face to pass on my knowledge to my customers.

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