Dog Walking

Waggaroo walks take place in woodlands, beaches, local sand dunes and in our new privately rented 7 acre enclosed field. The field is based in Colwinston, where the dogs are completely free to roam off lead where ever they want and be safely contained. They have paddling pools in the summer, agility equipment, sand pits to dig in. The dogs love to run around freely and chase rabbits and explore the bushes and ferns.

Is a Waggaroo walk for you?

Do you wish you could come home after a long day at work and snuggle on the sofa without having to go back out in the rain and wind to walk your dog?

Would you like to know that your dog is having a long walk during the day so you can relax with them when you get home?

Are you currently ill and unable to walk your dog and need a helping hand?

If you answer yes to any of the above then a waggaroo walk is for you.

Why choose Waggaroo?

We have a private 7 acre field, which is safe and secure. This means your dogs will be protected from members of the public’s dogs whilst walking here. The field is secure meaning your dogs can run freely off lead for a full hour. During the summer months we provide paddling pools around the field for your dogs to play in. We will also be putting in sandpits for them to happily have a dig.

During the walks we play games so use their different senses tiring out their brains as well as their bodies.

The service includes: free assessment in your home, pick up and drop from your home, a rub down with a towel in the wet weather and a shower if necessary, private facebook page for customers only to view your dogs adventures whilst with us and the most important part the dogs have lots and lots of fun, excitement and socialisation within a pack walk environment.

I am also an assistant dog trainer and have vast amounts of knowledge and experience with dogs. I am first aid trained, have studied a canine health and welfare course and attend many seminars to update my knowledge. I am a positive rewards based trainer. Your dog will receive lots of treats and positive praise whilst walking with me.

I am happy to work with un-socialised dogs and dogs that can show some aggressive tendencies to others.

I cover Bridgend, Tondu, Colwinston, Cowbridge, Ogmore-by-Sea. To find out if I cover your area please contact us

Dog Walking prices:

£10 Per Hour (weekdays only)

Weekends may be available by negotiation at £15 per hour

Dogs that require a solitary walk £10 per 30 minutes

Discounts: 2 dogs from the same household will be £15 instead of £20. I can also accommodate more than two dogs from the same household and offer various discounts at time of booking.


I cannot take bitches in season and post operative dogs.

(Should post operative dogs need walking you must provide a written statement from your vetenarian giving authorization that the dog in question may carry out normal pack walks. You must also sign a disclaimer that I will not be held responsible should any complications arise post operatively if the mentioned dog has been included in pack walks).

You must notify me a.s.a.p if your dog has shown any signs of any infectious condition e.g. kennel cough/conjunctivitis/sickness/diarrhea

You must also notify me if your dog has been around another dog with any infectious condition in the last 2 weeks

Any dog deemed by me in my professional capacity as an assistant dog trainer to present a risk to any other dogs or members of the public may be muzzled using a basket muzzle

By submitting the form you agree to allow me to carry out any emergency first aid required for your dog and to take your dog to my vet should there be an emergency and should you not be contactable. You also agree to meet the cost of any vet bills

Your dog must be fully vaccinated and you agree to present me with his/her vaccination certificate upon request

Your dog must be micro chipped and wearing a collar/ harness with your details on the name tag

If you have given permission for your dog to be off lead walking within a pack environment, you agree that unless I am negligent that I will not be held responsible for the following:

  • An accident resulting in your dog requiring vetenary treatment
  • Should your dogs behavior be inappropriate that causes damage to another dog you will be responsible for this
  • If your dog runs away and ignores all steps I have taken to retrieve that dog I am not responsible for any damage said dog causes or damage caused to said dog if an accident should occur

Dogs will be walked initially on a long-line until I have established a good bond/recall with your dog

Should you wish to cease dog walking with me, you agree to give one months notice unless other terms are agreed between us

If you have a regular daily walk you may take four weeks holiday where you will not be charged. At all other times you agree to pay your normal weekly amount should your dog be unable to attend walks through no fault of my own. (Post operative care, season, unwell)

If I am unable to walk your dogs for any reason relating to personal or family situations, you will not be charged for this walk.

You agree to speak to me directly should you have any issues or problems arise with my business and you agree never to jeopardize my reputation.

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