“Sarah has been walking my dog, Gypsy, for a few weeks and I’m more than happy. I had a full consultation about Gypsy’s needs beforehand. I’m happy to continue to use Sarah to keep my dog happy and healthy with walks an sniffs and doggie socialising ! Throughly recommend.”

K.Burns – Bridgend, S.Wales

“I contacted Sarah to help with my four Chihuahuas, one of which had issues with fearing other dogs. Sarah would take them twice a week while I was working, the difference in the four dogs is great. I’m no longer worried to take my boys for a walk on my own, their recall is great. Sarah is reliable, trustworthy and friendly. I had to go away for a few days and they went to stay with Sarah for this time, totally spoiled. they love thier walks with Sarah.”

L.Bevan – Bridgend, S.Wales


“I have been using waggaroo-dog services regularly since January of this year and am very happy with Sarah. Barney and Pip love her, enjoy the walks and the other dogs company”

A.Knight – S.Wales


I asked Sarah for help with one of my dogs, this lead to her walking them twice a week for socializing and she also did some training with them. My dogs love her and the change in Mylo is amazing. I adopted Mylo and Boots, Mylo had a lot of issues and it got to the point I was scared to take him out in case we seen another dog, I felt so bad for him as I had to keep him on a lead. I couldn’t take him out with Sherlock, Watson and Boots as the other dogs would react to him and they would start barking at other dogs. I mean Mylo was a snarling ball of fluff. If Sarah hadn’t posted videos of them all when she took them for their walks I would never have believed her, Mylo was in a field with other dogs and he was off his lead. For months Sarah took them and over time Mylo improved and I was able to walk Mylo with the other boys and I wasn’t scared of him seeing other dogs. I had to go away for some days and Sarah had the dogs staying with her, they were very pampered. Sarah has helped me when I had foster dogs staying with me. I always recommend her if my friends ask about dog walking or boarding. Thanks to Sarah I can take my four dogs out and they can run about without their leads, I no longer worry about meeting other dogs while we are out. Thank you Sarah for all your help

L.Bevan (S.Wales)


Sarah has been walking Hattie for around a year now. To start with Hattie was a nightmare and kept running off and really tested Sarah. With time, patience and I’m sure a lot of hard work Sarah has won the heart of Hattie and she typically is a good girl for her when she goes out walking although she is a beagle so I’m sure she still gets up to some mischief. Sarah really is great and I can’t recommend her enough. She is always there when I need advice too about the wonderful and quirky ways of my little hound.

Tasha DB (S.Wales)


I can’t thank Sarah enough … Fred went out 5 times last week . He loves Sarah and enjoys his walks !! She is reliable and obviously loves the dogs and her work. Working on the recall for us too !!!!
Can highly recommend and we will be using this service regularly from now on … Thanks again Sarah

H.Nelson (S.Wales)


Sarah is the ultimate professional! She clearly loves her job and what she does! She has helped cookie with travelling issues and socialising! She posts many videos with commentary so you can clearly see that your dog is being well walked and cared for! You couldn’t get better than Sarah in my opinion!!

L.Challen-Lewis (Bridgend)


Sarah takes Clive once a week and it’s invaluable. She’s great with him, he loves her and he gets to socialise with loads of other dogs too. Sarah also advises us on general dog related issues which is so kind

C.Hopkins (Bridgend)


Highly recommend Sarah. She is friendly, professional and loves what she does. Sarah walks our dog Hendrix as though he’s her own,Hendrix clearly enjoys his walks with her and it shows his temperament improved straight away. Brilliant!

K.James (Bridgend)


Bailey goes out with Sarah once a week when someone can’t be at home all day. He loves romping around with the other dogs. I’d recommend Waggaroo to anyone needing their services.

E.Breeze (Bridgend)


I don’t know how I managed without Sarah! She is reliable, knowledgeable and my dogs love her. Highly recommended.

S.Tomalin-Reeves (Bridgend)